Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds have announced their plans to release a new EP this summer.

Titled, Black Star Dancing, the three-song album will feature a trio of new originals from the rock band, in addition to a pair of remix recordings of the EP’s title track. The forthcoming project is the band’s first studio release of new material since 2017’s Who Built The Moon? Black Star Dancing EP, due out on June 14th via Universal Music Group.

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“It manages to combine the influences of David Bowie, INXS, U2, Queen, Indeep AND ZZ Top FFS,” Gallagher said about his new collection of songs to go with the EP’s announcement earlier this week. “I might have been watching too much Top Of The Pops recently … anyway, it’s ‘dope’ … not my words, but the words of Nile Rodgers who literally danced in the studio when he heard it!”

The EP’s cover art (seen above) continues Gallagher’s ongoing theme of going with psychedelic-inspired imaging to sell his music. While the recordings featured on Who Built The Moon? can certainly be considered within the realm of modern psychedelic rock, the title track for Black Star Dancing, which was shared along with the overall announcement on Thursday, is anything but.

“Black Star Dancing” opens up with a strong beat which is obviously meant for the dance floor (hence the title) and continues to pulsate until Gallagher’s vocals come in at the 0:50-second mark. The song continues to dance along throughout its 4:21-minute run time, and successfully does a fantastic job of expanding Gallagher’s songwriting abilities into new territory.

Fans can listen to the heart-pumping new single below.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – “Black Star Dancing” 

[Video: UMG]

Gallagher and his band are scheduled to team up with The Smashing Pumpkins for a run of North American concert dates beginning on August 8th in Camden, NJ. Fans can click here to purchase tickets to the band’s upcoming performances.

Fans can click here to pre-order the album.

Black Star Dancing EP Tracklisting

1. “Black Star Dancing”
2. “Rattling Rose”
3. “Sail On”
4. “Black Star Dancing” (12″ Mix)
5. “Black Star Dancing” (The Reflex Revision)

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