In 2023, Kung Fu shows were few and far between, and not without good reason. Guitarist Tim Palmieri spent much of the year on the road with Lotus, and drummer Adrian Tramontano was busy touring with Twiddle, which is why most of the shows Kung Fu did play were bills headlined by the recently defunct jam band. Thankfully, Palmieri, Tramontano, and their bandmates Beau Sasser, Chris DeAngelis, and Rob Somerville gathered in their native Connecticut for Kung Fu’s annual Toys for Tots benefit show, and like one last gift left under the tree, MKDevo has blessed us with high quality, full-show video.

The band sounded as tight as ever at Park City Music Hall, and brought some of the new tricks they’ve learned studying abroad in other bands. The electronic influence of Lotus and eclectic jamflow grooves of Twiddle bubbled forth as the band ran through a setlist of original electro-fusion with a cover of Black Sabbath‘s “The Wizard”. After closing with fan favorite “Hollywood Kisses”, Kung Fu capped off the evening with an encore comprised of “Bellatone” and “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour.

“We felt so good to be playing together again!” the band wrote in Facebook post after the show, adding, “Keep your eye out for some dates to follow in the spring!”

Check out full-show video from Kung Fu at Park City Music Hall courtesy of MKDevo below.

Tim Palamieri and Adrian Tramontano will ring in the new year with Lotus and Mihali, respectively. Kung Fu currently has no tour dates on the schedule, but stay tuned for updates and for more information visit the band’s website.

Kung Fu – Park City Music Hall – Bridgeport, CT – 12/23/23

Setlist: Kung Fu | Park City Music Hall | Bridgeport, CT | 12/23/23

Set 1: Gung Ho, Bottleneck, Do the Right Thing, Cookie Monster, Daddy D, The Wizard (Black Sabbath), The Get Down

Set 2: Samurai, Scorpion, Caught Up In a Mess, Paragon, Speed Bump of Your Love, Chin Music, Hollywood Kisses

Encore: Bellatone, Cult of Personality (Living Colour)