Live audio service has announced its second annual partnership with Sweet Relief to offer discounted subscriptions. Through January 11th, 2022, users can support music industry professionals affected by COVID-19 by purchasing a year of for $50 instead of the usual $129.99.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, became a haven for the many fans who were unable to attend concerts. Additionally, it became a vital lifeline for bands to stay connected to fans, whether through pandemic-friendly video livestreams or archival audio of past concerts. Though the restrictions around live music continue to loosen with increased vaccination rates, there are many within the live music industry still feeling the effects of the pandemic. Now, is once again partnering with Sweet Relief to help musicians and crew with vital living expenses.

“Sweet Relief has been a life-saver for music industry professionals living through the abrupt changes of the pandemic,” Founder and CEO Brad Serling said in a press release. “We’re pleased to support their efforts for a second year as we all work together to get the world of live music back to normal in 2022.”

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Founded in 1994, Sweet Relief has dedicated itself to providing necessary medical and financial assistance to working musicians and music professionals. In the organization’s quarter-century of charity, its services have never been more gravely needed than in the pandemic era and beyond as COVID continues to keep musicians out of work.

Visit to take advantage of the limited-time $50 yearly subscription offer and support Sweet Relief.