This past summer, non-profit groups HeadCount and REVERB teamed up to engage fans in social activism and help keep Dead & Company‘s summer tour as green as possible. The two groups organized a Participation Row section at every show, allowing various charities to work with thoughtful citizens towards greener solutions.

At every Dead & Company show, Participation Row encouraged people to stop by the tent and engage in activities such as registering to vote, use the free water refill stations, charge phones at the CEA Solar Charging Station, engage with community non-profits, and more. It was the strongest campaign to date for both organizations in what many would see as a crucial and challenging time in the country as we strive for solutions to our current issues from a political, social, and environmental standpoint.

Along with the band, fans, and sponsors such as Nalgene, D’Angelico Guitars, and CEA (Clean Energy Advisors), the effort brought about some impressive changes for the community. Take a look at the official statistics that REVERB and HeadCount shared from Dead & Company’s summer tour below, which spanned 24 concerts in 20 cities.

– 1500+ Gallons Backstage Waste Diverted From Landfills
– 1200+ Volunteer Hours
– 2,229 Voters Registered
– 2,376 Reusable Water Bottles Distributed
– 25,000+ Total Fan Actions In Participation Row
– 50,000+ Single-use Bottles Diverted From Landfills
– $165,832 Raised From Charity Auctions

This is a true testament to what getting out on the street and engaging people through social discourse can actually amount to, in real numbers!