Couch tours just went to a whole new level.

The Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City has become the first venue in the world to be fully outfitted with multiple 360-degree camera rigs, immersive 3D and binaural audio capturing equipment, to create an entirely new way to watch your favorite bands at home. The experience comes as a partnership between Blue Note, which operates a number of venues worldwide, and Rivet Media.

“Digital content and streaming services – for both audio and video, recorded and live music – have transformed the music industry over the last decade,” says Cory Haber, CEO of Rivet Media. “The next frontier is immersion: 360 degree and virtual reality video, along with 3D audio.”

For its YouTube 360 launch, Rivet documented a special late night performance at Blue Note Jazz Club on Friday, June 26 featuring The Soul Rebels (the celebrated eight piece brass ensemble from New Orleans that blend elements of funk, soul, rock, pop, jazz and hip hop music all within a brass framework). Uploaded videos include The Soul Rebels in unique collaborations with hip-hop legends Rakim and Slick Rick, guitarist Eric Krasno, pianist Robert Glasper, and rappers Sadat X (from Brand Nubian) and NIKO IS, respectively.

“These technologies will fundamentally alter the music consuming experience,” says Tsion Bensusan, COO and co-owner of Blue Note Entertainment Group. “We see tremendous opportunity in immersive video and audio to connect the audience and artist in an entirely new and powerful way.”

Check out some clips usingthe 360-degree technology below:

The Soul Rebels w/ Eric Krasno “Spanish Joint”:

The Soul Rebels w/ Slick Rick “Children’s Story” :

For more information, check out Rivet Media’s official website.

[cover photo courtesy of Blue Note Entertainment and Dino Perrucci Photography]