An exciting crew of musicians are teaming up to form “Only In Dreams: A Tribute to Weezer” and it’s going to be awesome. For a run of upstate New York dates in early June, Jimkata‘s Evan Friedell and Packy Lunn, Aqueous‘s Mike Gantzer, and John Brown’s Body / Elephant Wrecking Ball‘s Dan Africano will be paying tribute to Weezer’s Blue Album (1994) and follow-up Pinkerton (1996). Hitting Rochester’s Flour City Station, Albany’s The Hollow, Ithaca’s The Haunt, and Buffalo’s Iron Works over the first four nights of June, these shows are not-to-be-missed. Aside from playing two of the most definitive records of the 90’s, these musicians will take the music of Weezer to the next level with their stand-out musicianship and ultimate dedication.

Says Evan Friedell of the band’s formation, “I was revisiting those early albums one morning and felt a rush of nostalgia and excitement. I made a quick Facebook post about forming a band that covers only Blue Album and Pinkerton songs and got an unexpected level of enthusiasm as a reaction. Mike said he’s been waiting his whole life for this and Dan texted me a couple weeks later matter of factly asking, “when are we doing this?” And now as we are practicing the music, we’re all feeling like this stuff is part of our DNA. So we can’t wait to share that energy with everyone who feels the same way!”

While we certainly hope this happens more than four times, we can’t assume anything  – especially with the ever-evolving tour schedules of these road warriors and their respective bands. So don’t miss out on your chance to see “Only In Dreams: A Tribute to Weezer” this June! See below for the dates and ticket links.

June 1 | Rochester, NY | Flour City Station
June 2 | Albany, NY | The Hollow
June 3 | Ithaca, NY | The Haunt
June 4 | Buffalo, NY | Buffalo Iron Works