Underground heavies OSEES emerged from the pit back in September for an in-studio performance on KEXP. The set, available now on YouTube along with an interview, leaned on selections from the band’s latest punk record, A Foul Form.

The six-song performance moves at a breakneck pace as the John Dwyer-led project rips through quick hits of mosh-inducing mayhem. While staff at the Seattle, WA independent radio station likely broke up circle pits, OSEES rifled through A Foul Form tracks like “Funeral Solution” and “Scum Show”. The raw dual-drum power of Dan Rincon and Paul Quattrone takes centerstage on “Fucking Kill Me”, with Dwyer shouting himself hoarse to the syncopated rhythm.

OSEES finally slow things down from the breakneck 16th notes for the title track, before unleashing absolute mayhem on “Scramble Suit II” from 2020’s Protean Threat. The chaotic psychedelic surf rock mixes with amphetamine-fueled punk for an unholy brew that has made OSEES a staple of the underground for decades. After a whopping six songs in 11 minutes, the set finally wraps with “If I Had My Way”. Clocking in at 2:40, the longest song of the set completes the tangible vibe change from Foul Form to Protean, easing into the end of the performance.

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Sitting (or rather, standing) for an interview with host Troy Nelson, Dwyer spent much of the time discussing his love for cinema. The two reminisced about the late Harry Dean Stanton as well as discussed Dwyer’s tangential connection to Talking Heads dating back to his days in Providence, RI, where he lived around the block from the old bank where the art rock pioneers used to practice. Unfortunately, Dwyer was a late bloomer whose respect for the new wave luminaries came well after his geographical proximity.

Dwyer also confessed during the interview that the band was in the throes of a mean hangover, having spent the previous evening at Scooter McQuade’s, a dive bar in Portland, OR where an 80-year-old woman makes jello shots with Pop Rocks. While OSEES are always welcome at KEXP, Dwyer suggested in parting that maybe they film the next concert in the afternoon instead of first thing in the morning.

Check out OSEES’ full KEXP performance as well as a new music video for “Scum Show”. The band has a trio of shows left for 2022 in Berkeley and a two-night run at Brooklyn Made in Brooklyn NY. For tickets and a full list of dates visit their website.

OSEES – Live On KEXP – Seattle, WA – 9/12/22

OSEES – “Scum Show” (Official Video)