In a new clip from the forthcoming Ozzy Osbourne documentary Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne, The Prince of Darkness is shown trying to channel his new-found boredom into positive outlets, ultimately resulting in the creation of Ozzfest.

The sneak peek comes from the A&E documentary on the former Black Sabbath frontman which was supposed to premiere at South By Southwest this past March. Now the film will premiere on A&E on September 7th.

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In the clip, we see Osbourne’s son Jack discussing his father’s boredom following his 1992 retirement from the road following the No More Tours run of concerts. “Even when he complains to this day about touring, he’s not good at home,” Jack recalls. This recollection is verified by family photos of the Ozzman lying around on the couch or trying to bite a bird to the dismay of his family.

Sharon and Ozzy’s daughter Kelly remembers her father’s brief interest in cycling, though his motivations were suspect.

“My dad’s like ‘I may get a bicycle, I wanna get a bike,’ because the guy at the bike shop was giving him weed… I just remember it, like his purpose in life got taken away from him.”

Finally, Sharon and Ozzy decide that he needs to get back on the road, and that he will make his return at Lollapalooza. The only problem: Lollapalooza doesn’t want Ozzy because “he’s not cool enough.” This then lead to the creation of Ozzfest (seemingly out of boredom or spite or both), which would prove to be an enduring heavy metal festival for over 20 years.

Watch the clip from Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne below, and tune into the documentary on A&E on September 7th.

“Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne” Sneak Peek Clip

[Video: A&E]

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