A new report from TMZ reveals an unfortunate fate for Prince’s final days, as it appears an overdose on the prescription painkiller Percocet was to blame for his untimely demise. Prince was found dead at his Paisley Park home yesterday, at the age of 57.

TMZ has been accurate with all of their reports thusfar, from Prince’s hospitalization to the breaking news of his death yesterday. According to TMZ’s report, Prince had taken so many Percocets last week, his plane had to make an emergency landing so doctors could administer a “save shot” to keep him alive.

Prince was photographed going in and out of the same Walgreens a total of four times in the week before his death. The prescription came to Prince for a corrective surgery on his hips back in 2010, reportedly.

While an official autopsy will confirm this report, with TMZ’s track record on reporting this story, it seems likely that this is indeed the tale of Prince overdosing a couple of days prior to his death. Of course, we choose to remember Prince through his incredible legacy of music, with dozens of albums and singles that have inspired musicians from all genres.

This is an ongoing story, and we will update with more information. You can read TMZ‘s report here.