While the 2020 edition of Papadosio’s annual Holidosio concerts looked a little different this year, the jamtronic stalwarts still let fans in on the action with a three-night run of livestreams December 17th—19th. On Sunday, the Athens, OH-bred cross-genre outfit released pro-shot footage of each performance from ISIS Music Hall in their new home of Asheville, NC.

These three concerts varied in format as night one on December 17th featured an original Papadosio set, followed the next evening with one of the band’s patented all-improv sets also known as a PA set. Finally, the series wrapped on Sunday with a set consisting of acoustically reimagined Papadosio originals.

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The Holidosio run kicked off on Thursday, December 17th with a good, old-fashioned Papadosio set. Starting with “Paradigm Shift”, the band took audiences through a journey of fan favorites including the following “Mr. Turtles Cloud Kingdom”. Though no songs from the group’s latest studio album, Microdosio, were played on the 17th the band still donned the Microdosio setup that sees a relatively simplified approach for the band that normally carries an expansive electronic setup.

Holidosio continued the next night with a PA set comprised of over an hour of all-improvisational instrumental music. Though all of this music was born in the moment, the band still took the time to go back and name the compositions, giving them classic-sounding Papadosio titles like “Orion Nebula”, “Kiss of the Moon Nymph”, or the show-closing “Kaledescopin Out Of The Situation”.

The series then wrapped on the 19th with a stripped-down, chilled-out set of acoustic takes on the band’s classics including “Vactrollio” and “The Sum”. It took until the final night for the band to explore the new Microdosio material, which they did with reworked compositions like “Reishi” and “Versicolor”.

Watch all three nights of the Papadosio Holidosio livestream run below, and scroll down to see the full setlists.

Papadosio – Holidosio – Asheville, NC – 12/17/2020

[Video: Papadosio]

Papadosio – Holidosio – Asheville, NC – 12/18/20

[Video: Papadosio]

Papadosio – Holidosio – Asheville, NC – 12/19/20

[Video: Papadosio]

Setlist: Papadosio | Holidosio | Asheville, NC | 12/17/20

Set: Paradigm Shift, Mr. Turtles Cloud Kingdom, Cushion, Smile and Nod -> If It Wasn’t For You, Night Colors, Puddles For Oceans, Find Your Cloud

Setlist: Papadosio | Holidosio | Asheville, NC | 12/18/20

Set: Orion Nebula, Here We Come -> Kiss of the Moon Nymph -> Ruminate, Figment, Of Mycelium and Men, Throbbinhood, Kaledescopin Out Of The Situation

Setlist: Papadosio | Holidosio | Asheville, NC | 12/19/20

Set: Reishi, Distress Signal, Giving You Up, Fuse, Vactrollio, Versicolor, Snorkle -> The Sum