Papadosio has released “Lion’s Mane”, the third single off of the band’s forthcoming Microdosio album.

As with the previous singles “Fly Agaric” and “Cubensis“, as well as all of Microdosio, the electronic quintet has committed to scaling down operations. This has translated to a renewed focus on samplers, synths, and drum machines in addition to live instruments. As a result, the band’s stage set up and sound, both in-studio and live, has been simplified with fascinating results.

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On “Lion’s Mane”, Papadosio continues a commitment to a 16-bit aesthetic. This is reflected in the artwork for each single, as well as the fact that this song sounds like an NES speed run of Sonic The Hedgehog. This is a positive, however, as it gives the song, as well as the band, a sense of focus and drive, whereas in previous studio endeavors Papadosio has had the occasional tendency to wander. Sifting through the pixelated noises, there is an uptempo, driving beat that is paramount to the band’s iconic three-dimensional song structure. Then, just as the song feels like it could be stagnating, Anthony Thogmartin‘s guitar takes center stage with some prominent bends. We then roll into the laid back feel that makes Papadosio so captivating, even in a downtempo setting.

“We are beyond excited to present the third installment of Microdosio, Lion’s Mane,” the band said in a post along with the song. “Please enjoy this selection on your favorite Hi-Fi entertainment system, we hope it moves you. If the world only knew Peace, it might be a better place. Remember that as you slam this one with your people (from a safe distance), enjoy friends.”

Listen to “Lion’s Mane”, from the forthcoming Papadosio album, Microdosio, available everywhere on July 9th.

Papadosio – “Lion’s Mane”

[Video: papadosio]

Like most bands, Papadosio has been forced to cancel or postpone many of its concerts over the next several months. The band’s next scheduled gig is not until May 30th, when Papadosio will play Hookahville 53 in Newark, OH. Given the ever-evolving situation of live music this summer, however, that appearance could be subject to change. Visit the band’s website for tour updates and information.