After dropping singles one by one for the better part of a year, Papadosio has confirmed the impending release of a new album, To Live A Making. The progressive jamtronic outfit’s ninth studio effort and first since 2020’s instrumental experiment Microdosio is out on June 16th.

Since last August, Papadosio has released five singles presumably set to appear on To Live A Making, “Not Just A Word“, “Zoom Out“, “You’re a Catman“, “Dare You”, and “Spinning”. The lyrical tone so far has been one of reflection, indicative of guitarist/vocalist Anthony Thogmartin‘s status as a new father. It is a time of change for Papadosio as an entity as well, as the band helped co-host the inaugural Secret Dreams Music & Arts Festival in Ohio last summer. The bass-heavy music festival is heading into its second year, while Resonance Music & Arts Festival—another Ohio event long associated with Papadosio—is holding its last dance this summer. Papadosio will not perform at Resonance for the first time in the festival’s history.

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The Asheville transplants in Papadosio are also focusing on their adopted community in North Carolina. The band will present an expanded three-night installment of its running Summer SEEquence event at Salvage Station June 22nd–24th, with five sets of Dosio along with Infected Mushroom, TAUK with Kanika MooreFlamingosis, lespecial, and more. The group members have planted roots in other ways, with bassist Rob McConnell launching a hip-hop-meets-hard-rock side project Beekeepers with local musicians.

All of this adds up to some fresh perspective for a band over 15 years into its career. The group wrote of the album in a social media post, “It is a story about life: a timely commentary at a pivotal moment in human history that is dedicated to pondering prevailing mainstream cultural narratives. The music aims to inspire notions that life itself is creative, that love is real, and that together we could thrive if only we could tell ourselves the right stories and ask ourselves the right questions.”

Papadosio will release a new To Live A Making single, “Fossilize”, across streaming platforms on Friday, June 2nd. To pre-order/pre-save the album on Spotify and Bandcamp click here.