Papadosio @ Stage 48 on Thursday, February 7th

To say that Papadosio is an up-and-coming band doesn’t do them justice whatsoever.  Having formed in 2006, they are definitely a younger band on the scene, but the way they play together tells a much different story.  Not only is Papadosio (as a band) a rising star on the scene, but these five guys can flat out play at a level with many of the bands that have been around for 15+ years.  With the success of their own Rootwire Festival, having played killer sets at almost every major festival this past summer, and a spot at City Bisco in Philadelphia this past October, expect big things out of Papadosio for a long time.

Their most recent album T.E.T.I.O.S., an abbreviation of “To End The Illusion of Separation” took over 3 years to make. Comprised of 2 discs, and 20 tracks, the entire album plays for about two hours. Each track has a specific piece of artwork created for it, and in total the album comes with a 24-page art portfolio. Papadosio offers the album in nearly every format possible, with each format providing the artwork of the album. T.E.T.I.O.S has a spiritual influences stemming from it. Lyrically, Thogmartin sings about love, human relations, and nature. The artwork enhances the sounds and the lyrics, creating a romantic and transcendental sense to the album. Papadosio’s website states the album to be “an effort to catalyze the beautiful and peaceful world that we all know is possible, we give you this collection of art as a sign that we are all moving into that space slowly but surely.”

Don’t miss out on the incredible and unique live performance from one of the best live bands in the scene today.  Papadosio is the real deal, and you will find out why at Stage 48 on Thursday night.  DO NOT MISS THIS!

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Check out Papadosio perform “Geoglyph” live: