The cast of beloved NBC sitcom Parks & Recreation reunited for a special, quarantined reunion on Thursday night (April 30th) to benefit Feeding America. As part of the reunion special, the entire cast joined in on a collaborative performance of Andy Dwyer classic, “5,000 Candles In The Wind”.

In Season 3, Episode 11 of the show, Dwyer (played by Chris Pratt) sets out to honor Pawnee, IN’s dearly departed local celebrity, Li’l Sebastian the miniature horse, with a song that’s “5,000 times better than ‘Candle In The Wind'”. This undeniable anthem was the result, and it was so good that it continued to pop up at Pawnee events throughout the rest of the show—like when it closed the Pawnee/Eagleton Unity Concert with help from Land Ho’s Skip Tanner (played by Wilco‘s Jeff Tweedy) in the Season 6 finale.

Now, we have a version of “5,000 Candles In The Wind” for the quarantine era, and we couldn’t be happier. Watch the Parks & Recreation cast’s moving tribute to this beautiful, majestic beast—this one’s for you, Li’l Sebastian.

Parks & Recreation Cast – “5,000 Candles In The Wind (Bye Bye Li’l Sebastian)”

[Video: NBC]

The new special marks the first new story from Pawnee, IN since the show’s finale in February 2015, although the final season was mostly set in a fictional version of the year 2017. The Parks & Recreation reunion special moves the story to the present day, as ever-upbeat civil servant Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) attempts to stay in touch with her friends from the Parks Department in the age of social distancing.

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The special reunion “episode” features all of the show’s main cast members—in character—from their respective homes including Rashida Jones (Ann Perkins), Aziz Ansari (Tom Haverford), Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson), Aubrey Plaza (April Ludgate), Chris Pratt (Andy Dwyer), Adam Scott (Ben Wyatt), Jim O’Heir (Jerry Gergich), Retta (Donna Meagle), Rob Lowe (Chris Traeger), Paul Rudd (Bobby Newport), Mo Collins (Joan Callamezzo), Jason Mantzoukas (Dennis Feinstein), Jay Jackson (Perd Hapley), Jon Glaser (Councilman Jeremy Jamm), Ben Schwartz (Jean-Ralphio Saperstein) and Megan Mullally (Tammy 2).

You can watch the full Parks & Rec quarantine reunion special below:

Parks & Recreation Reunion Special – Full Video

[Video: NBC]