Fans of the jamtronica genre have long witnessed the band Particle set the pace for groundbreaking live/electronica fusion, but their guitarist, Mike Daum, has found a way to take the style to a whole new plateau. On his newly-announced tour, Daum will be performing on an instrument dubbed the jamstik. The “smart guitar” allows Daum to use his guitar-playing techniques and program unique synthesizer sounds, allowing for near-infinite creative possibilities.

Daum will be taking his jamstik on the road, as part of the “Take Off Tour,” along with his crew, Last Triumph. The shows include a number of performances in the central US, including sets in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, St. Louis and more. The tour also includes a showcase at SXSW, with five Austin, TX shows during the music conference. Daum tells us about what to expect. 

“I’m really excited about the Take Off Tour and the SXSW dates. I have a bunch of unreleased material that I’ll be debuting. My production skills have been getting stronger, making these beats the best I’ve ever made. I will also be performing with a drummer, which will bring some power and soul to the set.”

Watch a preview of the tour below:

If there’s one certainty, it’s that the jamstik will make each show truly unique. “Integrating the jamstik into my performance gives me a chance to use my guitar techniques and apply them to any synth sound. We’ve been collecting the most modern, popular synths on the market. So the tones this year will be massive. I come from a jam band background, and unlimited tones on an instrument allows me to make each show a little different. It’s gonna be great!” 

Daum’s tour kicks off on March 9th, just a few days after Particle wraps up a major winter tour. Check out the “Take Off Tour” dates below, and don’t miss Particle on the road! More information about the tour can be found here.