Is a Beatles cover band still just a Beatles cover band if Paul McCartney joins the show?

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy and drummer Dom Howard were forced to grapple with this question when Sir Paul sat in with their Beatles tribute act, Dr. Pepper’s Jaded Hearts Club Band, in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. Well, “grapple” might not be the right word because Bellamy, Howard and Co. look like they had the time of their lives powering through “Helter Skelter” with the guy who wrote “Helter Skelter”.

Bellamy posted a clip of McCartney’s guest appearance to his Instagram, and you can check it out below. While the whole affair may seem like an incredible coincidence, it should be noted that last night’s show took place at a launch party for Stella McCartney’s new fashion line, so Sir Paul’s presence wasn’t completely out of the ordinary. Check out a clip from the collaboration below!

Just did Macca with Macca #walkinglegend

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[Photo: Matt Bellamy’s Instagram]