Band members of Perpetual Groove are announcing today an indefinite hiatus as of April 6th, 2013. They have not ruled out a reunion but as of right now the band’s collective future is certain. Brock Butler wrote a warm, thoughtful, and apologetic letter to his fans and his fellow band members about how he wants to separate himself from band and touring life to find his true identity and regain balance. Brock includes:  “My current plans are to take time for myself and get my own home in order.  My hopes are simple: to get rested and get happier than I’ve been.”

Distancing himself from Perpetual Groove is disheartening to fans but if a band member’s energy is not 100% then the fans will feel the dissonance. Brock reaffirms his love for his fans with empathetic words, “know that the disappointment felt is probably equal to and opposite of the hopes you had that I would not let things come to this. I know personally, I’m disappointed in myself.  I am sorry for my part in letting you down, leaving you underwhelmed and/or feeling that your support was taken for granted or unappreciated.  I’m truly sorry.”

The rest of the band members of Perpetual Groove have taken Brock’s leave as a sign that he is ready to rehabilitate, which is always a long, hard road. However, some good news has come from this, Adam, Albert, and Matt will continuing touring but under the name “Ghost Owl.” Stay tuned for a new rough cut release for fans.