Phantom Vanity is the combined spirit of many, summed up by the dreams of singer/songwriter Boyd. With inspirations drawing from funk, folk, and soul, this powerhouse collective is about bringing truth and inspiring dance within their listeners.

Behind the vivacious vocals are some excitingly familiar musicians, making statement-like appearances throughout the entire record. Nick Cassarino (The Nth Power) is the co-writer on most of the tunes featured on this EP, also delivering his ferocious guitar-playing throughout. Providing the thump and rhythm on drums are heavy hitters Louis Cato (Marcus Miller, Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and Bryan Morton (Bed & Breakfast Productions). Joining on bass is Joey Secchiaroli (Reign of Kindo, Gin Wigmore) who also co-produced most of the EP.

104th generation djembe player Weedie Braimah is featured on the first single, “Perish”. Playing on separate tracks on keys is Reuben Cainer (Amimus Rexx), Nigel Hall (Lettuce), and Rob Lewis (MD Christina Aguilera).

Also recruited for this debut recording is Elenna Canlas (Big Everything), and Corey Bernhard (Killiam Shakespeare, Bilal) on keys. Dmitry Gorodetsky is a secret musical weapon of New York city, providing a rich bass throughout the record. Added flavor is Steven Padin (Reign of Kindo) on drums, and Rodney Flood on axillary percussion. On trumpet is Joel Fuentes (3CP, Lifted Crew) and Matt Owens. Wrapping up this roster is ripping tenor saxophonist James Casey (TAB, Animus Rexx) who also aided in producing a track.

With the recording process now completed, Phantom Vanity is currently beginning to stretch into the real world and share a message of hope, love, and determination to make change.

Phantom Vanity is a musical effort of friends; some of their relationships spring back over 10 years ago. Coming out on October 11, 2016, the Vintage Slacker EP is composed of 8 tracks that uniquely speak about the trials and growth that humans endure on this small planet. 

Today, we are thrilled to share the single “Sensual Playground” ahead of the release:

Co-written by Boyd and Cassarino, the track also features Dmitry Gorodetsky, Nigel Hall, Elenna Canlas, Steven Padin, and Rodney Flood.

“‘Sensual Playground’ speaks about how love can transcend generations, genders, and lifetimes,” explains Boyd. She continues, “With this EP I wanted to highlight who I am as an artist and a taste of where I want to go. This is just the beginning.” And we can’t wait to see what else Phantom Vanity has in store! In the meantime, stay up to date with Phantom Vanity here.

On October 2, there will be an album release party at Pianos from 10pm-11pm, with an afterparty to follow upstairs. More information here.

Check out Phantom Vanity’s music video for “Perish”, also featured on the upcoming album: