Phil Lesh returned to the Terrapin Clubhouse well on Thursday with a special July 4th edition of his running live studio video series, The Clubhouse Sessions. Alongside familiar Terrapin Clubhouse regulars Grahame Lesh (guitar, vocals) and Jason Crosby (keys), veteran Phil “Friend” Scott Law (guitar, vocals), and Clubhouse neophyte/JGB drummer Jeremy Hoenig, the Grateful Dead bassist pulled out a number of all-American song selections and even reworked another live Dead favorite in honor of the holiday.

After beginning the 4th of July special with a Scott Law-led “U.S. Blues”, Law and the younger Lesh share lead vocals on a rendition of “Jack Straw” featuring festive emphasis and a serene instrumental build-up to its “leaving Texas, fourth day of July” lyrics and a standout Crosby piano solo. “Liberty” continues the patriotic theme with Grahame at the helm before the session moves into a lively “One More Saturday Night” (labeled appropriately as “One More 4th of July”) featuring brief lyrical switch-ups to reference the occasion. The session finally comes to a close with a take on Neil Young‘s politically critical anthem for freedom, “Rockin’ in the Free World”.

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Watch the full July 4th special edition of The Clubhouse Sessions featuring Phil Lesh, Grahame Lesh, Scott Law, Jason Crosby, and Jeremy Hoenig below. For additional videos from Phil Lesh’s Terrapin Clubhouse, head here.

Setlist: Phil Lesh & Friends | Terrapin Clubhouse Sessions | July 4th Special | Recorded 7/2/24 | Released 7/4/24
Set: U.S. Blues, Jack Straw, Liberty, One More 4th of July, Rockin’ in the Free World (Neil Young)

Phil Lesh & Friends – Terrapin Clubhouse ‘July 4th Special’ – Full Video