The news we’ve been expecting all summer is finally here: Phish‘s thirteenth studio album, Big Boat, will be released on October 7th. The band hasn’t provided much information yet–just a quick teaser video revealing the album’s name and release date. Check out the video below:

The band caused a stir among net-savvy fans earlier this afternoon when they changed their Facebook cover photo to an unexplained image of clouds. While the subtle tease didn’t give away any information, it signaled net-savvy fans that an announcement was imminent. Considering the fact that the band has been steadily debuting new material since last summer, as well as the recent addition of eight of those songs to the BMI registration list, fans had been expecting a new studio album for some time.

Phish finally pulled back the veil on their new release just hours later, posting the teaser video (including the album name and release date) and cover art. The album title refers to lyrics in one of this summer’s many new songs, “Friends”, debuted on  6/29/16 in Philadelphia. We are sure that the band will release more details soon, but for now, we can be excited that it’s now official: fresh Phish will be served next month.