Phish capped off their two-night stay at Bangor’s Darling Waterfront Pavilion last night with a treat for the isolated New England faithful.

“Crowd Control” kicked things off before Mainers were gifted the first “Plasma” their home state experienced. The crowd cheered as the lyrics “Always end up where you start” brought on a 2.0 essence from when Phish frequented Maine. This first jam vehicle saw Mike Gordon and Jon Fishman leading the charge while both Trey Anastasio and Page McConnell warmed up their effects and settled into the night.

McConnell got to flex his vocals for a rare moment this tour in “Army of One” as the second song played off the 2004 album Undermind. “Alaska” also got an introduction to Maine as another Trey track kept with a hyperborean type theme. After a brief pause, Anastasio noodled the opening licks to “Kill Devil Falls” and the band ignited. The near 11-minute version was complete with gritty inflections from Anastasio’s vocals and a top quality seven-minute jam. This particular jam saw Fishman and Gordon building a foundation for Anastasio and McConnell tearing towards the top with Hammond work included. Just before descending into a demonic 2.0 territory, the band transitioned back to the root of the song.

Gordon was up to show Maine a new tune with “How Many People Are You” before the band moved into “Petrichor”, again a first for Maine. The orchestrated segments were flawless as the improvisational pieces explored a territory memorable of NYE 2016 and a hint of “Kill Devil Falls”. Amidst this “Petrichor” rose “Saw It Again” for the first time this tour. Rounding out the first set was “Sand” with experimentation from Gordon, before Anastasio took his song to its proper peak with Fishman’s crashing cymbals to close.

Phish – “Petrichor” – 6/26/2019

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Set two hit with another Maine debut, the first Kasvot Vaxt song of the night “Turtle in the Clouds”. Keeping their Scandanavian personas alive in The Switzerland of America, the group created density and thickness here that had only been achieved by “Death Don’t Hurt Very Long” on the latest album. With surface synth and disco undertones, Gordon incited a dance party stage left.

It was then onto the meat of the show with robust flavor and unprecedented texture. “Gotta Jibbo” initiated the three-song sequence citing the second time played this tour but the first time played in Maine. Jibbo held in proper tradition before Anastasio threw in a brief message from The Kinks with a subtle tease of “Tired of Waiting for You”. If Jibbo was the marinade, the near 17-minute “Fuego” was the broiler. Within the first time the Old Dirigo State heard “Diego”, chaos ensued around the two-minute mark. McConnell slapped his B-3 and Anastasio began to work towards the impending pinnacle. Before ending, Anastasio gave a tease to “Walk This Way” before the segue into “Cities”. This was the first time this year the Talking Heads cover was played and in great form, complete with a tease of “Fuego” and “Sand” twice, both within the first and ending parts of the hit.

Rising up with synth driven vibrato was the second Kasvot Vaxt song on the docket. The first parts of “The Final Hurrah” kept McConnell away from his usual “Faceplant into Rock” sample and allowed him to explore the song via grand piano. Fans in attendance were not disappointed throughout Anastasio’s solo though as McConnell ran back to his beloved sample for the ending of the song.

With a slight ripchord being pulled, “Prince Caspian” came next with an alluring melodic solo through each part of the Billy Breathes favorite. At the end of “Prince Caspian” the band moved toward darker waters briefly before jumping into a Marley-fused “Farmhouse” and “Backwards Down the Number Line”.

“Chalk Dust Torture” closed out the second set as their only song from A Live One on the eve of the albums 24th anniversary. The 10-minute rendition creeped toward 2.0 status as McConnell hammered the Hammond on top of Gordon’s bass before Anastasio caught on and reached the final summit of Bangor. At the end of the show, Anastasio pushed the crowd toward the polls stating, “Thanks everybody we’ll see ya next time. Thank you. Select board member John Fishman from Lincolnville, Maine! Don’t forget to vote for him in 2020, Fishman for President!”

In the encore slot was a pair of songs no fan had ever seen. To the crowds pleasure “The Lizards” came first. Trey was all smiles while his friends harmonized with “Oooo” behind him reminiscent of 1.0 territory. Also reminiscent of 1.0 turf was the show closer of “Suzy Greenberg” only following “The Lizards” twice and never in the encore spot.

Phish treated Maine to an onslaught of songs Vacationland had never heard in all their stops throughout the years. Phish played a variety of new songs for a Maine crowd that showed full appreciation.

Phish is now en route to BB&T Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey for a three-night run with plenty left in the tank. The much anticipated weekend run is sure to kick off an incredible back half of their 2019 summer tour. For a full list of Phish’s upcoming tour dates and ticketing information, head to the band’s website.

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Setlist | Phish | Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion | Bangor, ME | 06/26/2019

Set One: Crowd Control, Plasma, Army of One, Alaska, Kill Devil Falls > How Many People Are You, Petrichor > Saw It Again > Sand

Set Two: Turtle in the Clouds > Gotta Jibboo > Fuego -> Cities -> The Final Hurrah > Prince Caspian > Farmhouse > Backwards Down the Number Line > Chalk Dust Torture

Encore: The Lizards, Suzy Greenberg