On Friday, Phish released a pro-shot video of “Bathtub Gin” from their December 29th performance at Madison Square Garden. “Bathtub Gin” is the latest pro-shot released by the band from their New Year’s run, following the 35-minute “Tweezer” from December 30th.

Much like every other rendition of “Gin”, Trey Anastasio begins with the opening riff before Page McConnell adds his signature rapid grand piano licks. Trey then jumps into the Susannah Goodman-penned lyrics that meld psychedelic and medieval themes with, well, of course, bootleg liquor.

The crowd sang along throughout the song before Trey gave them a chance to shine on the lyrics “‘Cause we’re all in this together/And we love to take a bath!”

A lengthy improv section ensued. Mike Gordon and Jon Fishman controlled the rhythm section while McConnell flexed his aptitude on the keys. A heavy jam carried on for quite some time. McConnell turned to the organ midway through before creating a chilling vibe with his synth. This was Trey’s queue to slowly lead back in with the “Gin” riff, ending the nearly 16-minute jam.

Watch a pro-shot of Phish performing “Bathtub Gin” below:

Phish – “Bathtub Gin” – 12/29/19 – [Pro-Shot]

[Video: Phish]

The band will take some time off until their Phish: Riviera Maya 2020 event in February. Visit the band’s official website for more information.