The New York Times have released a new video about “How Facebook Is Changing Your Internet,” where Jonah M. Kessel and Paul Mozur explore how individuals, businesses, and corporations gauge their success through Facebook all over the world. According to the video, the company is subsidizing connectivity in the developing world with the mission to make Facebook accessible to all. “Behind the scenes,” The New York Times explains, “Facebook is involved in high-stakes diplomatic battles across the globe that have begun fragmenting the internet itself.”

In this 9+ minute video presentation, the screen scrolls through a fake Facebook newsfeed that depicts various users’ commentation on the topic. Some of the names that appear on the screen are in reference to Phish and Grateful Dead influencers. Phish song references “Suzy Greenberg,” “Mike Song,” “Brian Roberts,” and “Poster Nutbag” all make an appearance, as well as Phish Lighting Designer Chris Kuroda, Grateful Dead Lighting Designer Candace Brightman, the great keyboardist and Jerry Garcia collaborator Merl Saunders, current Dead & Company keyboardist Jeff Chimenti, Dark Star Orchestra keyboardist Rob Barraco, and more stand out as some of the Facebook posters, likers, and commenters in this new video. Check out the screenshots or educate yourself in the full video below:

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