HBO‘s cannabis-friendly television series, High Maintenance, has earned a solid reputation amongst its streaming contemporaries in its first two seasons thanks to its authentic portrayal of real people (mostly New Yorkers) finding themselves in real situations while using marijuana to get through the day. The show’s producers have also done a wonderful job of filling each episode with an abundance of fantastic music. If there’s one thing cannabis connaisseurs know for sure about the enjoyment of a good smoking session, it’s making sure there’s also good music in the air.

That was just the case during a climactic scene in this past weekend’s episode (Season 3, Ep. 3) of High Maintenance, when a young and friendly nudist (Arthur) and his new urban bohemian roommate (Barbie) spend some quality bonding time together following an argument. Barbie accidentally eats one of Arthur’s potent cannabis-infused cookies, after which the two spend the evening opening up to one another while “Wading in the Velvet Sea” by Phish plays in the background. Barbie takes advantage of her relaxed mindset to discuss some of the troubles in her life before her attitude quickly changes upon hearing the ballad from Phish’s 1998 The Story of the Ghost LP.

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“I love this! What is this jam? Nice choice there, Arthur,” Barbie says in approval upon hearing the song playing on the apartment stereo. Arthur responds by confirming that it is, indeed, Phish, and that the song must have come out around the time when he was a freshman in high school. The two close the scene by sitting back in their living room and letting the music take them on a journey across the Velvet Sea and beyond. Good times, right?

Shoutout to the producers of High Maintenance for really showing what it’s like to discover Phish for the first time, at the right time. Fans can watch Phish portion of the scene in the video below.

This isn’t the first time that Phish has been incorporated into a weed-positive show based in New York City. Comedy Central‘s Broad City has frequently referenced Phish over the years. Bassist Mike Gordon was also recently spotted on the set of Broad City while filming an episode as part of the popular show’s final season. That episode has yet to air, but considering the band’s special relationship with NYC, fans should expect more fun Phish television placements in the future as well.