The trailer for a forthcoming fan documentary on the parking lot scene outside Phish concerts, titled Talk: A Phish Documentary, was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday.

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The trailer, from YouTuber JLP, documents the sights and sounds of the lot from Phish’s eight-date 2019 Fall Tour. The video opens with the familiar sight of a group of friends enjoying some of the local delicacies of the lot: a burrito and a Yuengling. From there, viewers are taken across the country to sidewalks and parking garages where fans wave their chilly fingers in the air hoping for some good fortune while other business-minded folks make their own fortune selling various wares and treats. The one thing that unites all of these characters from all different walks of life is their devotion to the four men up on stage, and they demonstrate their commitment in various ways.

Outside Phish’s infamously intimate show at The Met Philadelphia, one fan regales viewers with the king’s ransom he’s seen offering in exchange for a ticket: “I’ve seen drugs, and money, and food, and jokes, and cigarettes, and friendships, and hugs, and all sorts of different things offered for these tickets.” Just as this fan finishes his sentence, another desperate man can be heard yelling in the background, “I’m giving my life away!”

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From Phish Chicks to The Phellowship to a nine-year-old fan who professes “I love every Phish concert I’ve been to, and I know I’m going to love this one,” all the different sects of Phandom are represented in the Talk trailer. The clop closes with the joyful bewilderment of yet another anonymous fan who asks, “Who’s got it better than us?”

Watch the trailer for Talk: A Phish Documentary below.

Talk: A Phish Documentary – Trailer

[Video: JLP]

The description under the video notes that a “full feature documentary coming very soon, along with a longer ‘uncut’ version to be released at a later date.”