Late last year, Phish lyricist and frequent Trey Anastasio collaborator Tom Marshall launched his new podcast, Under The Scales, to dive into various aspects of the culture surrounding Phish from his inside perspective. For Episode 009 of the series, Marshall brought High Times editor Jen Bernstein to his hometown of Princeton, NJ to talk songwriting, weed, and more, as well as take a trip to “The Rhombus,” a site of historical importance in the Phish canon.

The episode is one of the most entertaining yet, as the two get into various playful weed-related topics (i.e., regarding “Blaze On” being an unintentional marijuana anthem, Tom remarks that “It should be called “Vape On” because no one really blazes anymore.”).

You can watch some videos of Tom and Jen’s field trip below, via Jen’s YouTube channel (@nycjamgal):

You can also listen to the full episode below. Enjoy!