On December 3rd, Phish will perform a very special show for 3,500 SiriusXM subscribers at The Met Philly in Philadelphia, PA—the smallest venue the band has played in nearly 20 years. The show will take place in the middle of Phish’s 2019 Fall Tour and exactly one year to the date after the renovated venue opened its doors with a performance by Bob Dylan on December 3rd, 2018.

Of course, since the venue holds such a (comparatively) small number of people, it’s inevitable that many fans will not make it inside. By this point, fans probably know whether or not they’ll get in the door. Now, it’s time to figure out Plan B.

While each of the seven “regular” shows on Fall Tour will be webcast via LivePhish, the band’s streaming platform will not host a video stream of the Philly show. However, SiriusXM will broadcast the entire performance on Phish Radio. “Great,” you’re thinking, “I’m not a SiriusXM subscriber. I guess I’m still out of luck.” That’s where you’re wrong.

SiriusXM is currently running a “free listening” period during which inactive satellite radios are turned back on and non-subscribers can listen to SiriusXM on their car radios, phones, or computers with no credit card required. The free listening period will extend from now through December 3rd at 11:59 p.m.—just after the Phish show wraps up in Philly. That means anyone, regardless of their subscription status, can jump on the platform and tune in to Phish Radio (Channel 29) for SiriusXM’s live broadcast of Phish at The Met.

Follow THIS LINK on your desktop or Android to go directly to the live feed from SiriusXM Phish Radio and start listening now. iOS (iPhone) users can head here and set up a free 14-day trial (no credit card required) to tune in. Enjoy the free Phish Met Philly stream, everyone!

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