Phish shows come as a complete package experience. From buying the tickets, to receiving the colorful pieces of paper in the mail, to the scene on the lot, to the show, to the after show, and beyond. But the Vermont band’s music isn’t the only to grace our ears. Often times we wonder where the interlude music comes from. How it keeps us so chill and contained. From the time it takes to arrive at our seats, and the horrifying minutes-that-feel-like-hours between sets, to the time it takes us to exit the premises, there is, thankfully, more music coming from within. It is of course, all by design.

Creative Director of Phish, Inc. Julia Mordaunt¬†compiled a playlist with all walk-in, setbreak, and walk-out music since the band’s return in 2009. The playlist varies from Thelonious Monk and Professor Longhair, to Beck and The Shins with over 4400 songs that clock in about 280 hours. These songs, without a doubt, carry significance of the memories we share in seeing Phish the last eight years. Perhaps musical discoveries were even made. Though released earlier this year, the playlist is as good as ever.

So, thanks to Julia Mordaunt, we can relive those glorious moments between in the playlist below:

The complete playlist can be found here.