In 1991, Phish was on the precipice of a breakthrough. The group was graduating from the small dive bars and college shows they had consistently performed up until that point to filling larger venues across the country. To cap off a thoroughly successful tour with Giant Country Horns in July of ’91, the group hosted a free gathering in Auburn, ME, on August 3rd, 1991, at Larrabee Farm, also known as Amy’s Farm.

During the free show on the 42.8-acre property, Phish played three sets, bringing a congregation of fans that was, at the time, unprecedented in size for the band. The performance at Amy’s Farm foreshadowed the band’s bright future, with the day’s festivities widely considered to be a precursor to their now-famous festivals, a tradition that began in earnest with 1996’s The Clifford Ball.

High-quality (for 1991) video of Phish’s entire performance on Amy’s Farm on August 3rd, 1991 surfaced back in 2018, thanks to Vimeo user and co-founder Matt Laurence.

Phish – “Poor Heart” (Soundcheck) — Amy’s Farm, 1991


Phish — Amy’s Farm — Auburn, ME — 8/3/1991 — Set One

Phish — Amy’s Farm — Auburn, ME — 8/3/1991 — Set Two

Phish — Amy’s Farm — Auburn, ME — 8/3/1991 — Set Three

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