Phish has shared the pro-shot video highlighting the thrilling encore performance of “Tweezer Reprise” from the band’s New Year’s Eve performance at Madison Square Garden. The nearly eight-and-a-half minute clip captures the bookend to the monstrous “Tweezer” from the night before, along with the ensuing improvisational “Rescue Squad” tune from a terrified Trey Anastasio while stuck high above the stage with some playful banter between the band, the crowd, and poor Trey.

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The video begins with the highly unusual situation of the band not being able to leave the stage for the traditional encore break. Trey attempts to explain the predicament to the crowd, and improvises as only Phish can.

“Okay, we’re gonna do something very strange here, but that’s cool. It’s fun,” Trey is heard saying as the video begins. “We just walked off, we’re back on. This is the encore, and then all four us are gonna watch you guys leave, and then we’re just gonna stay up here in the air…until next year! It’s the encore!”

With that, Phish launches into the “Tweezer Reprise” that had gone missing the night prior as the clones once again take the stage for their final number, making for a climactic ending to a crazy set and start to the new decade.

Watch pro-shot video of “Tweezer Reprise” and the ensuing chaos from New Year’s Eve at Madison Square Garden below.

Phish w/ Clones – “Tweezer Reprise” [Pro-Shot] – 12/31/19

[Video: Phish]

The band is off from official Phish duties until their Phish Riviera Maya 2020 concerts in February. Visit the band’s website for more information.