Phoebe Bridgers honored fellow architect of apathy Bo Burnham with a cover of “That Funny Feeling”, shared on Friday. The song comes from the comedian’s recent quarantine musical comedy special Inside and was shared on Bandcamp Friday with all proceeds going to Texas Abortion Funds.

Though Burnham’s hopelessly pessimistic ode to everything wrong in the world is already downtrodden enough, Bridgers is able to bring it down even further with her iconic deadpan delivery. The song is the “We Didn’t Start The Fire” for the Doomed Generation, pointing out the hypocrisies of progressive idealism co-opted by capitalists and the quick-fix solutions to systemic issues adopted by a generation that won’t live to see the consequences. Listening to Bridgers’ version of “That Funny Feeling”, it’s hard to believe it’s a song she hasn’t already written.

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All proceeds for the single—released on Bandcamp Friday when the service forgoes its cut of all sales—will go to Texas Abortion Funds which splits funds evenly between Texas Equal Access Fund, West Fund, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, Inc., Frontera Fund, The Bridge Collective, Clinic Access Support Network, Fund Texas Choice, the Lilith Fund, Jane’s Due Process, and Support Your Sistah at the Afiya Center.

“This one’s for Greg Abbott,” Bridgers said of the single, calling out the Texas governor.

Listen to Phoebe Bridgers’ cover of “That Funny Feeling” by Bo Burnham below and consider purchasing the song to support reproductive rights in Texas.

Phoebe Bridgers — “That Funny Feeling” (Bo Burnham)