Pigeons Playing Ping Pong flocked West on their Presto winter tour to Frisco, CO’s 10 Mile Music Hall last night for a wintery Leap Day celebration.

As their 17th tour stop around the country, the Baltimore-based, psychedelic funk piece delivered two sets to the 650-capacity sold-out venue nestled in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains for a once-in-every-four-years performance on the mystical day of February 29th.

Greg Ormont, Ben Carrey, Jeremy Schon, and Alex Petropulos kicked off the night’s musical ventures with their reggae-groove “Live Life”, setting The Flock on a wavy opening ride. Ormont’s echoing reggaeton vocals slipped the four-piece into their funky upbeat “Bad For You”, as the heat was continuing to rise in the packed venue. A mountain-high cheer erupted from the crowd as Ormont asked how many Flockers were shredding the slopes on Sunday, before dishing out a funky “Somethin’ For Ya” and a deep “Stay” sandwich jam. Carrey’s rumbling bass grooves transitioned the group into Nirvana’s “Come As You Are”, before “Stay” snuck back around to finish off the sequence. The looping instrumental “This Is That” marked the sixth song of the night, before Pigeons Playing Ping Pong sailed The Flock over mighty waters with a three-song flowing “Poseidon”, “Water”, and “Ocean Flows” sequence to complete the first set.

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After The Flock had “seen all 10 miles”, the band took back to the stage just past 11 p.m., Ormont leading a round of applause for Leap Day’s magical friend Marcus Rigby. The band jump-started the second set with the instrumental “Havana”, off the band’s newest album, Presto, leading into the punchy “King Kong”, Petropulos on full force on his rumbling percussion. “Condenser” took The Flock down into a psychedelic trance with sultry bubbling guitar scratches, but was quickly brought back up with a fun instrumental “Peanuts” theme song, bringing up the 30-minute mark of the second set. “Condenser” surged back throughout the crowd as Schon rang echoing guitar strikes in “The Hop” into a massive “F.U.” funky anthem. Ormont echoed some lyrical banter into “Overrun”, filling up The Flock’s cups before a midnight psychedelic space ride embarked in “Schwanthem”. “Paperboy” marked the near ending of the second set before a concluding appearance of “Porcupine” pricked The Flock’s feathers to a smooth landing.

The Flock’s roaring cheers quickened the band to return to the stage for a 15-minute encore of “Live It Up” for a high-energy party anthem to carry us throughout the Saturday night.

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong return to 10 Mile Music Hall tonight to conclude their two-night Colorado run before heading East to Cleveland, OH’s Agora Theatre on March 5th. For the band’s full tour schedule, head to their website.

Below, you can check out a full gallery’s worth of photos courtesy of photographer Colin McKinley (Alpine Music Photo).

Setlist: Pigeons Playing Ping Pong | 10 Mile Music Hall | Frisco, CO | 2/29/20

Set One: Live Life > Bad For You, Somethin’ For Ya > Stay > Come As You Are > Stay > This Is That, Poseidon, Water, Ocean Flows

Set Two: Havana > King Kong, Condenser > Peanuts > Condenser > The Hop > F.U., Overrun, Schwanthem > Paperboy, Porcupine

Encore: Live It Up