Bands and musicians aren’t the only ones getting creative and spreading the joy of music at home. Midwest and East Coast Pigeons Playing Ping Pong fans have released a fan-made video collaboration to the band’s song “Water”.

It all started with a funny concept idea bounced around in the Indy Flock Fam Facebook group earlier in the month. With a lot more free time, live music fans around the country are left to dabble into their creative outlets, including making quarantined, at-home video collaborations with friendly fans. Flocker Tara Nevans rounded up the interested Flockers and teamed up the group’s admin Jacob Guinnup who collected and edited nearly 100 submitted videos for the final product.

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“Well, I thought this would be a fun way to bring our friends from around the country together into one common thing. Everyone is so far away from each other, but music is a universal language that goes beyond state boundaries,” Nevans said.

The video features dozens of Flockers from around Indiana, Ohio, New York, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Maryland singing and dancing extra wavy to the band’s recent eight-minute live rendition of the song from their Live From Out There remote concert performance last month.

Watch Indy Flock Fam’s “Water” Video below.

“Water” – Indy Flock Fam

[Video: Jacob Guinnup]

Frontman Greg Ormont reminded fans during the band’s Live From Out There remote performance of the song that “water is more important than ever” as we all strive to stay healthy amid the ongoing coronavirus. Not all bands have a dedicated and funny fanbase like The Flock to perform a collaborative quarantine concert for them. If anything, this video is a reminder that although fans and musicians are apart, music connects us all.