The series of drive-in concerts at the Drive-In Live in Swanzey, NH came to a close on Saturday with a show by Pink Talking FishMihali (Twiddle), and Neighbor. The headlining set from Pink Talking Fish featured Halloween antics and some unexpected covers.

After the opening set from Mihali, which saw a sit in from PTF guitarist Cal Kehoe, it was Neighbor’s time to shine. For their set, Neighbor—the side project of PTF keyboardist Richard James—included a horn section as well as guest singers to expand their sound.

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Finally the stage was set for Pink Talking Fish. The band immediately got into the Halloween spirit with some enhanced theatrics, which saw the group appear onstage in coffins. Written on the outside of each tomb were spooky gag names for each band member—not unlike the credits for The Simpsons‘ “Treehouse of Horror” episodes—including Kill Kehoe, Eric Ghoul (Eric Gould), Scary Barry (Richard James), and Death Rogen (Zack Burwick). The show then got started with an appropriate “Buried Alive” from the Phish catalog.

After that came the Talking Heads classic “Life During Wartime”, followed by Pink Floyd‘s “One Of These Days”. More Halloween antics were on tap for Ween‘s “Roses Are Free”, which saw the band change the lyrics to “Smash the Pumpkin at the tree” which then lead straight into The Smashing Pumpkins‘ “Cherub Rock”.

Pink Talking Fish reverted back to the Talking Heads repertoire with the Remain In Light rocker “Born Under Punches” followed by the deep Pink Floyd cut “Astronomy Domine”, which was the first song on the band’s first album, 1967’s Piper at The Gates of Dawn. The show kept on rolling as the Pink Floyd cover begat a series of segues with a fitting “Ghost”, into The Who instrumental “Sparks”, into “Psycho Killer”. It was during the Talking Heads hit that PTF dropped into an instrumental rendition of Carole King‘s “It’s Too Late” for the jam, before Kehoe pulled a ripcord into “Big Black Furry Creatures From Mars”.

Despite the heavy, spastic nature of “BBFCFM”, nobody there probably expected the band to then segue into the Slayer track “Reigning Blood”, before heading back into “BBFCFM”. Things then started to wind down with a run through “Run Like Hell”, before one of the final show highlights came with a mashup of “Carini” and “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath. Also smushed in there somewhere were teases of “Cherub Rock”, once again poking its head out.

For the encore, PTF took the temperature of the crowd and went with a fitting “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses as the end of October was upon them. Finally, the show came to a close with the instrumental “First Tube”.

Listen to full show audio from the Pink Talking Fish Halloween concert at Drive-In Live in Swanzey, NH, courtesy of taper J.Cable.

Pink Talking Fish – Drive-In Live – Swanzey, NH – 10/31/20

Setlist: Pink Talking Fish | Drive-In Live | Swanzey, NH | 10/31/20

Set: Buried Alive*, Life During Wartime, One Of These Days, Roses Are Free** >Cherub Rock, Born Under Punches, Astronomy Domine > Ghost > Sparks > Psycho Killer*** > BBFCFM > Reigning Blood% > BBFCFM, Run Like Hell, Carini/War Pigs Marshup%%

Encore: November Rain, First Tube

*Band was dressed in skeleton costumes and face paint.  They came onstage from behind coffins with engraved names for each band Band member:
Cal – Kill Kehoe
Eric – Eric Ghould
Zack – Death Rogen
Rick – Scary Barry

**Lyric changed to ”Smash The Pumpkin at the Tree” followed by Cherub Rock by Smashing Pumpkins.

***dropped right into an instrumental version of “It’s Too Late” (Carole King) when the jam started. Cal pulled a ripcord into BBFCFM out of it.

% Unfinished w/ Slayer Fan Sample

%% w/ Cherub Rock tease