The 2017 Wanee Music Festival seemed to be all about the tributes. Allman Brothers’ Butch Trucks was the center of attention, but tributes to Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, PhishPrince and David Bowie were overriding during the festival-closing Saturday afternoon and night.

Pink Talking Fish (performing the music of Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, and Phish) played the Saturday afternoon slot on the Mushroom Stage, welcoming out special guests Rob Somerville (Kung Fu, saxophone) for “Money” and Shira Elias and Sammi Garett (Turkuaz) singing “Genius of Love.” Kung Fu and Turkuaz both dominated the Saturday slot Mushroom Stage performances, and stuck around to collaborate with their fellow musical companions throughout the night.

Later that evening, Pink Talking Fish joined forces with Kung Fu for the festival-closing “Pink Talking Fu: Prince/Bowie” set, which eventually became “Pink Talking Fu Kuaz” with members of Turkuaz joining the 9-piece ensemble. The music of David Bowie and Prince were well-received in the foresty night, as the crowd got their dance on after a slower two-set Bob Weir & The Campfire Band performance.

Thanks to CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS, you can watch “Space Oddity > Sexy MF” below:

Here are the setlists for Pink Talking Fish and Pink Talking Fu:

Setlist: Pink Talking Fish | Wanee Music Festival | Live Oak, FL | 4/22/17
Nothing But Flowers>
Thank You For Sending Me An Angel**
Tennessee Jed/Ocelot Mashup>
Halley’s Comet>
Burning Down The House
Divided Sky>
Another Brick In The Wall>
Psycho Killer>
Another Brick In The Wall>
Divided Sky
Genius Of Love%
Have A Cigar>
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)

*w/ Rob Somerville on Sax
**w/ Runaway Jim tease
***w/ Bug tease
%w/ Shira Elias & Sammi Garett on vocals

Setlist: Kung Fu | Wanee Music Festival | Live Oak, FL | 4/22/17

Do The Right Thing
Kid Charlemagne
Chop Suey
I Got The News
Cookie Monster
Hey 19
The Getdown
Reeling In The Years

Setlist: Pink Talking Fu | Wanee Music Festival | Live Oak, FL | 4/22/17

Golden Years>
Take Me With You
Under Pressure*
Young Americans*%+
I Wanna Be Your Lover*+
Let’s Dance%%+
Let’s Go Crazy+
Space Oddity+
Sexy MF%%+
Purple Rain+%+

E: All The Young Dudes+

*w/ Shira Elias on vocals
%w/ Sammi Garett on vocals
%%w/ Greg Sanderson on sax and Chris Brouwers on trumpet
+w/ Michelangelo Carubba on percussion

[photo courtesy of Kerry Barbato]

Other highlights from the weekend include Trey Anastasio sitting in with Bob Weir, Marcus King joining Widespread Panic for “Mountain Jam,”Trey’s emotional tribute to Butch Trucks, and Jack Pearson’s 19+ minute Jeff Beck jam with Gov’t Mule.