A new funk-rock outfit named Pocket Protection – comprised of New Orleans-based musicians including bassist George Gekas (The Revivalists), drummer Alvin Ford Jr. (Ed O’Brien, Pretty Lights Live), guitarist Paul Provosty (Deltaphonic), and pianist Andrew Yanovski (Boogie T.rio) – has shared their debut single entitled, “Paul P. Sure”, which arrived on Friday via Color Red.

Describing themselves as an “instrumental groove project,” the new quartet power their way through the lively track featuring ample contributions from all four members. After starting out hot right out the gate, the music builds to a satisfying peak only to pivot just after the four-minute mark when Gekas’ bass helps change direction for a middle section that keeps listeners on their toes and starts a new uphill climb and eventual climax through to the end.

“‘Paul P. Sure’ defines the intention and essence of Pocket Protection,” Gekas said in a press statement of the new outfit, which was born out of an impromptu performance at New Orleans’ Maple Leaf Bar in 2019. “There were no blueprints or discussions to establish a game plan or any strict guidelines as to what everyone should do or play. Instead, we relied on intuition and each other to continue to move the music forward. It felt right when we first performed together, made sense in the studio, and will continue to as a collective idea.”

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To go with the single’s arrival on Friday, Color Red has also shared a live video highlighting Pocket Protection’s studio performance of the lively funk instrumental. Watch the new video and stream the track’s studio audio below.

Pocket Protection – “Paul P. Sure” [Live Studio Video]

[Video: Color Red]

Pocket Protection – “Paul P. Sure”

[Video: Color Red]

“Paul P. Sure” will appear on Pocket Protection’s debut album, Pocket Protection Vol. 1, due out May 4th.