Live For Live Music presents Inside Out With Turner and Seth will have a full episode featuring John “JoJo” Hermann of Widespread Panic next Wednesday. Today, however, the program dropped its fourth “Tweener” episode  in observance of the passing of legendary musician Prince a year ago today. This mini-episode harkens back to InsideOut wTnS’ Episode 19 which featured extensive interviews with Roger McNamee (Incredibly Prescient Business Mogul, Doobie Decibel System, Moon Alice) and multi-instrumentalist Jason Crosby (Phil Lesh and Friends, Roger Daltrey, Doobie Decibel System and so many others).

While McNamee and Crosby each have fascinating stories, this episode focuses on Jason Crosby, a supremely talented musician who has played with an absolutely stunning array of musicians. Jason Crosby first tells about a very special night when he was a member of the Blind Boys of Alabama and Prince showed up side stage. “The bodyguards came over and whispered into Joey’s (Williams, band leader of Blind Boys of Alabama) ear, ‘Prince would like to sit in,” and he walked over (Joey, toward Prince) and was like, ‘do you want this?’ with his guitar.  And Prince…met him halfway and grabbed the guitar.”  Crosby relates the excitement, and even confusion which resulted from this impromptu collaboration.

Then, Jason talks about playing a 1995 gig with Solar Circus in Long Branch, NJ, near Asbury Park the day after Jerry Garcia died.  While soundchecking, the band noticed that Bruce Springsteen was sitting at the bar taking in the music. “We sent our elder members of the group….our drummer and guitar player who were like ‘The Guys,’  they went up to him and asked him, “Mr. Springsteen….we have this show tonight, it’s a sold out show, a tribute to Garcia who passed away yesterday.  We just have to ask, it’s ok if you say ‘no,’ but would you do one song with us?”  Jason tells about how and why this turned into an entire set of Springsteenar Circus, and how over a decade later the spontaneous collaboration was first discussed on The Tonight Show, and then later was discussed by Jason and Bruce themselves when they were reunited at Pete Seeger’s 90th Birthday Party at Madison Square Garden.

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