Over the weekend, thousands of mostly young folks gathered for a non-sanctioned rave event which reportedly took place at a former RAF Charmy Down airfield just outside the city of Bath, the U.K., the BBC reports.

So many fans were in attendance (the report states more than 3,000 party-goers) that local police simply did not have the manpower to put an end to the illegal rave, which featured loud music coming from makeshift stages. The high noise levels coming from the event awoke citizens in surrounding towns, who alerted police around 11 p.m. local time.

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“We got the call just after 23:00 (BST) and we were there within 10 minutes but all the stages were set up and all the music was already going with many, many people at the site,” Chief superintendent Ian Wylie said of the event. “It became impossible for us to do anything… because of the safety of those partygoers, many of whom were drunk, many of whom were on drugs, and the safety of the officers attending.”

The music apparently continued until about 1 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, and the site of the rave was cleared not long after.

The news comes just days after British government officials approved the return of outdoor concerts and performing arts events earlier this month.