Earlier this year, before much of the civilized world was thrust into a new reality centered around the COVID-19 pandemic, The California Honeydrops teamed up with Fruition for a concert at The Misson Ballroom in Denver, CO on January 17th. Thankfully, for fans who couldn’t make it to the Denver venue that night, The California Honeydrops had a professional camera crew on hand to capture the action.

Today, Live For Live Music is excited to premiere some of the footage from the concert with a new live video highlighting the band’s performance of “Live Learn”.

The song, which originally appeared on The California Honeydrops’ 2018 double-album, Call It Home: Vol. 1 & 2, soars to groovy heights with the six-minute performance as seen and heard in the brand new video. The performance kicks off with the song’s catchy opening guitar riff which is given some extra energy thanks to its light R&B-like rhythm.

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The entire band is visibly engulfed in the song’s infectious groove by the time singer/guitarist Lech Wierzynski comes in with the opening lyrics, and its only more smooth sailing from there. The electricity being expelled from the stage jumps out of the screen and into the listener’s ears, providing a fantastic live snapshot of the Oakland, CA outfit.

Revisit the band’s January 2020 performance with the new live video of The California Honeydrops” performing “Live Learn” at the Mission Ballroom below:

The California Honeydrops – “Live Learn” – 1/17/20

[Video: californiahoneydrops]

With no public performances planned for the coming months, the band is currently gearing up for the release of a new single, “In the Air”, set to arrive next Friday, May 15th. The soon-to-be-released single precedes a new,  four-track EP due out later this month.

Fans can also make up for the lack of live performances by tuning in to The California Honeydrops’ Facebook and Instagram pages every Friday evening at 6 p.m. PT for weekly livestreams hosted by various members of the band. Each webcast features a non-profit organization selected by the band to receive a portion of the money being graciously donated by fans. So far, The California Honeydrops’ livestreams have raised over $7,000 for various charities across the country.

Head to the band’s website for the full list of benefitting organizations.