Today, New Haven, CT-based jam quartet Eggy releases their latest single, “Northern Lights”. The new release comes in celebration of the band’s big year in 2019—and in reaction to the uncertain times in which we now find ourselves.

Back in March of 2019, Eggy released their first, full-length studio album, Watercolor Days, which served as a launchpad for the band’s busiest year to date. Following the March 30th release of that album, Eggy brought balance to the diets of music lovers up and down the East Coast, both as headliners and as support for nationally touring bands like Spafford.

With plenty of upward momentum, Eggy moved into 2020 prepared for an even bigger year, with performances scheduled at a number of large-scale festivals like Mountain JamThe Peach Music FestivalDomefest, and more. The novel coronavirus, however, had other plans. As the ongoing pandemic continues to cast the live music industry in doubt for the foreseeable future, Eggy’s Jake Brownstein (guitar/vocals), Michael Goodman (bass/vocals), Dani Battat (keyboard/vocals), and Alex Bailey (drums/vocals) are capitalizing on their unique situation in the era of social distancing: While many bands are forced to scramble for solutions to keep them playing together, the four members of Eggy share a home, where they’ve been hard at work creating and honing their music during the ongoing “live” hiatus.

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“We had been wanting to record new material since we put out our first album Watercolor Days last March,” Brownstein explains to Live For Live Music. “We hit the road hard throughout 2019 into 2020 and have been quite busy. With the canceling of our spring tour, it seemed like the perfect time to dive into our home studio and get to work on recording new material.”

The band also noted in a statement,

This is a tough & isolated stretch of time for everyone across the globe. We are in a unique position in that we all live together & have the ability to still play. We want to spread our music with the people out there to connect with those who may be needing it right now. Also, we miss our fans & this is the best / closest way we can get that connection with them while we aren’t touring.

The fresh referenced above by Brownstein arrives today in the form of “Northern Lights”, the inspiring new single from Eggy and longtime lyrical collaborator, Patrick Amarante, which Live For Live Music is excited to premiere today.

“Northern Lights” features skillful guitar and keys work from Brownstein and Battat, respectively, with a tight and driving rhythm section from Goodman and Bailey. The lyrics reflect on the theme of determination through metaphor and offer an optimistic outlook on what could be, with lines like “Imagine a world where we all chose to fight for tomorrow.” The song’s musical attributes offer up a sense of positivity with a bouncy, upbeat progression, and Brownstein’s overdriven tone cuts through the mix perfectly during his leads while his delay-infused rhythm guitar evokes feelings of serenity.

Take a trip north and experience the “Northern Lights” for yourself with the newest single from Eggy below.

Eggy – “Northern Lights”

In celebration of the release of “Northern Lights”, Eggy will perform a live-streamed set tonight, Thursday, April 9th, from their home studio—affectionately referred to as the “Egg Crate.” You can tune in to Eggy’s live stream tonight at 8 p.m. ET via the Live For Live Music Facebook page.