If you happened to miss the Hunter Lepi show at The Roxy on Broadway in Denver on December 9th, 2022, you’re in luck because Hunter Lepi is bringing his Roxy show to you with the release of a new live album. Live At The Roxy arrives on September 30th, and Live For Live Music today is premiering the music video for “Back On Track”.

Filmed on-site and on-location at the intimate 100-capacity Denver club, “Back On Track” plops viewers down in the front row, the green room, and even the ride to the gig as they tag along with the cross-country Ohio-to-Colorado singing, songwriting transplant. Shakey, fuzzy viewpoints are merely a part of the live Hunter experience, and with crisp audio, it sounds as if he’s playing directly to you, just like being at his concert or if you’re one of the lucky people to stay up with him all through the night playing songs and singing lines.

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Singing to a sea of Denver socialites, Lepi lays on the charm with the line “We laugh more than we ever fight / And still claim for that title in the sack” and the ad-libbed “Don’t we babe?” where you can feel his wink through the speakers. Comparisons to the younger days of freewheeling Todd Snider are requisite due to the conversational nature of both Hunter’s style of lyrics and performance, but the story of a derailed relationship is one that’s both all his own and universal to anyone whose ever given their heart to another.

“I was annoyed to have never written my own train song—with that kind of Johnny Cash “chug-a-lug” melody,” Lepi told Live For Live Music. “So somewhere in June of 2020 I wrote this. It’s one of those ones that either took 10 minutes or 27 years to write. Like a train, the idea came and went—and now, I guess it just is.”

Watch Hunter Lepi perform “Back On Track” live at The Roxy from his upcoming album, Live At The Roxy, out September 30th. Stay up to date with Hunter’s movements and releases on his website and social media.

Hunter Lepi – “Back On Track” [Official Video]