Since emerging out of the Los Angeles music scene in the late 1990s, ORGŌNE has remained a consistently creative fixture of the funk and jam community, continually redefining their trademark styles of performing and songwriting.

Still riding momentum from the arrival of their latest studio album, 2019’s Reasons, ORGŌNE continues to charge forward without looking back as they prepare for the arrival of their next project, Connection, due out September 25th as the first release from their new 3 Palm Records label.

The first single to arrive from Connection is “The Way”, a slightly darker, alternative approach to funk that evokes comparisons to Childish Gambino‘s “Boogieman”. Today, Live For Live Music is excited to premiere “The Way” to kickstart the band’s latest album campaign in full force.

“The Way” is the second original single shared by the band this year, following “The Vice Yard” which was released back in the early winter months. As ORGŌNE guitarist Sergio Rios, who engineered the song, explains of their new single,

‘Connection’ is the spiritual follow up to our [2008] album ‘Bacano.’ It’s meat and potatoes Orgone: soul, funk, gritty, lean and tight. The main theme is all about connection: the invisible threads that bind all of us artistically, spiritually, and emotionally. It’s about plugging in and tuning in. 

Part of how ORGŌNE fostered that “connection” was by recruiting a talented cast of guest collaborators for the project, from Cyril Neville to Kelly Finnigan to Pimps of Joytime and more.

Connection will serve as the first in a series of new records ORGŌNE is planning with their new imprint, 3 Palm Records. As Rios explains, “Each has its own sonic and thematic identity, but will deliver the warm and raw soul/funk/dance music that ORGŌNE is known for.”

Take the first step on ORGŌNE’s new sonic journey with the exclusive premiere of “The Way” below. For more information, head to the band’s website.

ORGŌNE – “The Way”

[Video: ORGŌNE]