Space and harmony. Two ingredients which, when applied together with the right levels of skill and precision, can lift a musical performance to soaring, stratospheric heights with boundless energy. That’s exactly the ethos behind the New Orleans-based supergroup Space & Harmony, who put their collaborative efforts on full display with their new studio video for original 2018 single, “Artsy Farsi”.

The group, which combines members of The Revivalists in bassist George Gekas and saxophonist Rob Ingraham with Naughty Professor guitarist Bill Daniel and drummer Sam Shahin, channels a wonderful mix of harmonies within their given space to create their own blend of captivating, fusion-jazz-inspired instrumentals.

Today, Live For Live Music is excited to premiere the band’s new video which showcases their in-studio performance of 2018 original single, “Artsy Farsi”.

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The 5:17 minute performance welcomes viewers into the close confines of the quartet’s rehearsal space, where controlled chaos from each member converges to power through the studio speakers to showcase their undeniable chemistry. Each musician showcases each of their respective contributions as wave after wave of rich notation pours out of the collective as they take turns building on each others’ harmonic layers.

“Space and Harmony is a really fun band to let loose with and a great creative outlet for a group of highly creative people,” Shahin explains of the project. “We approach the music with a free-flowing mentality so every show is unique.”

“I recently listened to Andy Frasco’s podcast with the great Oteil Burbridge, in which he discussed the important of getting your Ya-Ya’s out”, Gekas adds. “It comes from the Gospel of Col. Bruce Hampton. It’s when you showcase your skill sets not associated with your normal playing or certain projects you are involved in. You spend so much time working on your craft to becoming a better overall musician that sometimes you need an outlet to flex a muscle that doesn’t necessarily get the proper workout it needs. Space & Harmony is my way to get my Ya-Ya’s out.”

“To me, music is all about bringing people together”, Ingraham explains. “Going to a show with a crew, jamming with some friends in an unfinished basement, and exploring. Space & Harmony is all of those things. It’s what happens when you get four intrepid musicians together with one rule: nothing is off-limits. 80’s funk? Yep. Twisting sci-fi grooves? Totally. Neo-baltic jazz metal? Not sure what that is, but let’s do it anyway.”

Step into the rehearsal studio and take part in the vibrant experience of the band’s new live video for “Artsy Farsi” below.

Space & Harmony – “Artsy Farsi”

[Video: Space & Harmony]

Space & Harmony is currently gearing up for their performance at The Fillmore in New Orleans, LA this Thursday, February 20th, where the band will support headliners 311. The following evening on February 21st, Gekas and Ingraham will both take part in the Naughty Gras Family Jam at the nearby One Eyed Jacks, where the two will perform material from the growing Space & Harmony songbook.

Head to the band’s official Facebook page for upcoming event info.