Preservation Hall Jazz Band recently recruited an all-star lineup of musicians for a special rendition of “When The Saints Go Marching In”. The New Orleans staple was joined by Paul McCartneyDave GrohlDave MatthewsJim JamesElvis CostelloNathaniel RateliffIrma Thomas, and more for the classic jazz tune.

The clip comes from PHJB’s Round Midnight Preserves livestream fundraiser for the Preservation Hall Foundation. Like most every other venue in the United States, Preservation Hall is indefinitely closed as the live music shutdown continues, as the iconic establishment’s band goes without work.

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The clip opens up with Sir Paul on the trumpet, which is a rare sight indeed even for a legendary multi-instrumentalist such as McCartney. The unfortunate part, though, is that he’s not terribly good at it. Even with a song as simple as “When The Saints Go Marching In”, which is butchered at fourth grade band recitals across the country every year, the former Beatle doesn’t seem to have the basic concept of blowing it figured out. Frankly, it sounds like something is stuck in it. But, even if you’re in the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, how do you tell Paul McCartney that he can’t play a particular instrument?

Some semblance of relief finally comes when Thomas comes in to add vocals, but McCartney’s sludge-filled trumpet still lingers in the back. Eventually we get a close up of Costello’s British chompers as he provides additional vocals, meanwhile Grohl bangs a tambourine, blissfully unaware of the trainwreck this video will become. Then comes Matthews doing a creepy spoken-word-turned-skat version of the song that couldn’t come off any more white even if he was donning the cargo shorts that his fans purchase by the truckload. By the time James, Rateliff, and more join in, this wreck has fallen off the tracks and crashed into the N’awlins bayou where it will hopefully sink and remain until the end of time. In short, this is the equivalent of Gal Gadot‘s “Imagine” video except with people who are actually musically talented, yet the same result is produced.

Watch Preservation Hall Jazz Band and guests take on “When The Saints Go Marching In”. Or don’t.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band Feat. Irma Thomas, Paul McCartney and Friends — “When The Saints Go Marching In”

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Check out the rest of Preservation Hall Jazz Band’s  four-and-a-half hour‘Round Midnight Preserves livestream here.

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