Pretty Lights has shared a brief new video clip that begins to peel back some of the mysterious layers surrounding his upcoming Soundship Spacesystem Tour, his first major outing in five years, and the “Swirl Bridge” referenced in the tour’s initial announcement.

The Pretty Lights tour poster, designed by Leif PodhajskyMike Tallman, and Michal Menert, bills the shows as “Live From The Swirl Bridge,” though the initial announcement did not go into further detail about what exactly that meant. The string of concerts—the first live Pretty Lights shows since a pair of 10th anniversary live-band performances in 2018—is due to include a pair of new live Pretty Lights formats, PL Live in DUB and The Fantastic Pretty Lights, featuring familiar musical collaborators Michal MenertBorahm LeeAlvin Ford Jr., and Chris Karns. The announcement also promised “musical and visual special guests.”

In a new clip, fans of Pretty Lights get a peek not only at The Fantastic Pretty Lights in action, but also a snippet of new music and a few clues about the mysterious “Swirl Bridge,” which appears to be the producer’s new approach to performing and collaborating in a live setting. In the caption for the video on YouTube, Pretty Lights, real name Derek Vincent Smith, provided an update on the project:

listen close and you’ll hear the vocal sample in the beginning of this video says::

“when they tell you your dream, is too extreme.. follow your dream, follow your dream!”
“All things come and all things Go”

It especially resonates with me because prepping to launch this PL tour 🚀 has been just that, an extreme dream.. shared by a lot of people, that has required a massive amount of belief & hard work & creative energy from everyone involved to pull off.
The whole squad has been in Denver for the last two months vibing, rehearsing, building, programming, producing & buttoning up the ‘soundship spacesystem’ for tour.
Now it’s just 7 days away from launch!!
So I wanted to share a little update in the form of a behind the scenes video edit from one of our swirl bridge sessions. 🎥 – Laine Kelly & Isaac Brandon Schultz

this video is of the PL band flipping a new track live that Michal Menert and I produced earlier this year. Borahm Lee, Chris Karns & Alvin Ford Jr. make these new tunes go so hard live and put them on another level.

Shout out to the peeps behind the scenes making it all happen..

Jason Starkey
Greg Ellis
Eric Mintzer
Umā Yeshe Dawa
Nathan ‘Smokey’ Williams
Dom Gambone
Nik Swift
Tomas Morgan
Mammoth Music Group

PL also piqued fans’ excitement by confirming that there is, indeed, new music and a reinvigorated approach to live performance on the way. “We are super excited to debut tons of new music and next level new visual/lighting techniques.. and all in a way that stays alive and is real time and in the moment, That’s definitely one of the things that makes these shows unique,. the fact that the whole thing is designed to evolve and change with every night. more coming soon, love ya’ll !! ‘I’m a non-believer, but I believe I believe I believe’


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The Pretty Lights Soundship Spacesystem Tour begins on August 4th at Denver, CO’s Mission Ballroom. For a complete list of upcoming Pretty Lights tour dates, head here.