Primus has once again announced a new schedule of 2021 tour dates for the band’s perpetually postponed A Tribute To Kings tour. The tour—which will see the goblin rock trio perform the 1977 Rush album A Farewell To Kings in its entirety each night, in addition to a set of originals and support from Wolfmother and The Sword—will now begin on August 10th in Boise, ID.

“Finally, the clouds are parting, the planets are aligning, the dough is rising…whatever metaphor floats your preverbal boat, PRIMUS is going on tour again,” frontman Les Claypool wrote on the band’s Facebook page. “We were poised and ready for a massive, bent-rock extravaganza when the gremlins of covid came and yanked the rug out from under us all. I personally have been climbing the walls like a shit-house rat and, after my first season off in 30 some odd years, I’m very anxious and excited to stand in front of the microphone with my four string piece of furniture and belt out some girthy ditties to sweaty throngs of punters.”

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The tour will now run from August 10th through October 25th with the final show taking place in Pheonix, AZ. The band has utilized some creative restructuring around Primus’ now-headlining slot at the rescheduled Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival over Labor Day weekend (replacing Oysterhead, as Trey Anastasio ostensibly is committed to playing with Phish at Dick’s Sporting Good Park in Commerce City, CO over Labor Day weekend). Tour dates in Toronto, ON; Lafayette, NY; and Minneapolis, MN have been canceled outright and fans will receive a refund through the point of purchase.

Scroll down to see a full list of Primus’ rescheduled A Tribute To Kings tour dates. Visit the band’s website for tickets and more information.