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Listen To Prince’s Newly Released Track “Father’s Song” Off The Upcoming ‘Purple Rain’ Reissue

Prince’s seminal album Purple Rain will be re-released on June 23rd, with a deluxe and expanded edition through NPG Records and Warner Brothers Records that will contain six previously unreleased recordings. A few of these new numbers have been slowly released over the past weeks — such as Prince’s mashup of “Our Destiny” / “Roadhouse Garden,” which was recorded on June 7th, 1984 during a performance at First Avenue in Minneapolis — with the latest of these unreleased tracks, “Father’s Song,” revealed on Friday.

Prince’s Previously Unreleased “Our Destiny”/”Roadhouse Garden” Appears On “Purple Rain” Reissue

“Father’s Song” is an all-instrumental number which will be released in full for the first time on the upcoming Purple Rain reissue. However, that is not to say that the dramatic, mournful, and synthy song is wholly never-before-heard by fans. A portion of “Father’s Song” made its way into the film Purple Rain as an unfinished work of the singer’s father, while parts of the song itself were later integrated into “Computer Blue” during the movie.  You can now listen to Prince’s complete five-plus-minute cut of the song below, ahead of the re-release of Purple Rain on June 23rd.

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