Fresh off a string of small, intimate concerts at Minneapolis’ Dakota Jazz Club, Prince has released an official lyric video (you know, those videos where the lyrics appear on screen as the artist sings them) for a new song, entitled ‘Screw Driver’. The video was posted on his official website, the extremely weirdly titled – which apparently hints that the pancake serving rocker has some sort of plans for the new year.

In addition to the weird new website, Prince has a new YouTube channel under the name ‘3rdEyeGirl’, which has some strange videos of women speaking, apparently ‘Searching for 3rd Eye Girl’. There’s also a leak of another new song, Chapter and Verse, which features a funky, extended beat, along with Prince adding some strange narration. Definitely worth checking out.

Prince also has a new Facebook and Twitter under 3rdEyeGirl, which both are up and functioning, mostly acting as standard social media pages for the artist. Again, most likely, this leads towards a new album or tour for 2013. Unconfirmed reports say Prince is currently purifying himself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka in preparation.