The Prince Estate and Warner Records have shared Prince’s previously unreleased track, “Don’t Let Him Fool Ya.” The track is featured on the forthcoming album, Super Deluxe Edition of 1999, which is set for release on November 29th.

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“Don’t Let Him Fool Ya” was recorded at Prince’s home studio on Kiowa Trail in Chanhassen, MN during the summer of 1982. The legendary pop star played every part on the song including bass, live drums, guitars, keyboards and vocals. “Don’t Let Him Fool Ya” is one of 23 never-before-released songs from Prince’s vault to be featured on the 1999 Super Deluxe Edition. The upcoming release also contains a live recording of a November 30th, 1982 show held in Detroit, MI as well as a pro-shot video of Prince’s December 29th, 1982 concert at the Houston Summit. Both performances were held during Prince’s 1999 tour.

Listen to Prince’s “Don’t Let Him Fool Ya” below:

Prince – “Don’t Let Him Fool Ya”

[Video: Prince]

To pre-order Super Deluxe Edition of 1999, head here.