Brian May has kept himself quite busy while under quarantine over these last few months with at-home activities that have ranged from guitar solo tutorials to sharing digitally-edited performances with his Queen bandmates. Perhaps, however, May has kept himself a little too busy, as the 72-year-old took to his Instagram early Monday morning to reveal he recently experienced a minor heart attack (and more) earlier this month.

In a slightly longer video shared to his Instagram, May explains he first went to the doctor because of severe pain in his leg and was originally diagnosed with a torn gluteus maximus–which May cheekily describes as “A pain in the bum.” May even posted a statement to his website following the initial diagnosis. After continuing to experience a week’s worth of “Real agony,” however, another round of tests revealed May had a compressed sciatic nerve, which would explain the feeling of “Having a screwdriver in my back,” as he describes.

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May continues in his storytelling to explain the “More bizarre” side to his story and reveals he also experienced a small heart attack during this painful period. After feeling about 40-minutes worth of pain in his chest, along with tightness and the unusual feelings in the arms as one does when going through a heart attack, May’s doctor drove him to the hospital where doctors performed routine procedures to see what kind of emergency they were dealing with. It turns out May’s heart had three arteries that were congested, and after considering his options, he went with having a few stints put in. The somewhat routine process was made a little more difficult due to the pain in May’s leg that he was already experiencing from the compressed nerve in his lower back and upper leg area.

“I was shocked anyway, I thought I was a very healthy guy,” May says in the video. “Everyone says ‘You’ve got great blood pressure and a great heart rate’ and everything, and I keep fit on my bike and everything with a good diet.”

May has since made a full recovery, and has even passed the point where he needs to rely on prescription drugs to get him through the pain of a compressed sciatic nerve. He closes the video with an affirming, “I’m good. I’m here. I’m ready to rock,” while also subtly blaming 50 years of running around with a guitar strap over his left shoulder holding a heavy guitar for his recent ailments.

Watch the video announcement in full below.

Stay safe out there Brian, we’ve all got some serious rocking to do when this pandemic is over!